Adonis Golden Ratio - What Is It Exactly?

John Barban Before and AfterThe Adonis Golden Ratio is a 12-week workout program that is designed to work with your body. It includes a fully customized nutrition software program that shows you exactly what you should be eating for your body type to maximize both muscle growth and fat loss at the same time.

Men will always feel the need to become bigger and more muscular, since that is our basic instinct for survival and physical dominance. However, there is a right way to train your body to achieve a specific and optimal goal, and it has nothing to do with getting bigger.

Research has shown that there is a certain body ratio that is very desirable to women and is the envy in our modern society.

The Authors, John Barban and Kyle Leon are well respected and well known nutritionist and author of many other weight loss and muscle building programs in the market place. They have extensive experience developing and formulating nutritional sports supplements, and has worked for some of largest nutritional supplement companies in the world.

What Is The Adonis Golden Ratio?

This program works on the premise that everything you need to lose weight and build a lean muscular body is already inherent in his DNA. The Adonis Golden Ratio is a program to remove the stubborn stomach fat and build a lean, muscular body around the Adonis Index.

It says that for every body's height there is an ideal shoulder - waist measurement that looks aesthetically pleasing. The ratio is 1:1.6 and this program takes you through the foods and training exercises you need to achieve this ideal ratio.

This program is designed for all ages and all fitness levels. It is a step by step program that covers both nutrition and exercise. The nutrition plan customizes your meal plan according to your body. The exercise regime is also comprehensive with all the routines, and reps clearly set out for you. The exercise workouts are challenging and there is enough variety to keep you interested and motivated. John and Kyle even shows you the exercises to avoid.

How John's Fitness Program Can Help You

What I liked about the Adonis Golden Ratio?

It is an extremely effective workout program for building the perfect physique. But first, what is the perfect physique? It's not big and bulky because that just doesn’t look good. It’s also not lean and toned because that just doesn’t cut it.

The perfect physique is that of a Greek God! LEAN AND MUSCULAR. After following the workouts you will start to notice your body taking on a much more impressive looking physique. I followed the workout plans for a period of 4 months and I was very happy with the results. Which brings me to my next PLUS.

The Adonis Golden Ratio comes with months and months of workouts to follow. The authors sure did their homework because they have come up with some incredibly creative workouts that I absolutely love. The months of workouts are grouped into phases all which stem off of each other to bring you closer to the physique of a Greek God.

This program isn't for everybody. But if you want to lose stubborn stomach fat, build muscle and sculpt your body this program is worth considering.

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